We Woke And The World Was Different

An exhibition of new works in Northlight Gallery, Stromness and the windows across the road

4th October-17th October 2020

Oxeye Daisy, Orchid and Nasturtium

As Hockney said at the beginning of the lockdown, it can’t take away Spring. But we were at the beginning of unimaginable change. Shows are cancelled, community education has disappeared. Six months on and the status quo is still deep uncertainty. But the daisies did come up and the nasturtiums laid their pretty carpet.

Stromness Post Office

Oil On Wood.

I have been painting Stromness Post Office since I returned to Orkney in 2005. It is in the heart of the community. When it shut its doors as a Post Office a building fell asleep.

I work on site a lot. The attempt to take Orkney light and own it gives me pleasure

Finding scale with big buildings is hard. Your eye zooms into struggling with finding local form or colour and suddenly you are all out of proportion. Why not then use photography you may ask ? Because the tension of the battle is the life blood of the painting.

Orchid and Nasturtium like green wheels

Oil On Wood.

A Still life is in constant motion if it contains flowers. An ivory tower painting flowers while the world burns. People surf, skate board. I paint flowers while they move in front of my eyes. Hard Core !