Carbonundrum Printing on Card

My plate is a display card plate. I have scratched out my design on the plate. The carbonundrum offers painterly powerful rich areas of pigment.
I have glued the carbonundrum to the plate much like putting glitter on a Christmas card.
P.V.A could be used but this was an acrylic binder . Plesxtol
Importantly I let the glue dry for a few days before priming the collagraph with shellac.
Even after a few days the shellac will melt the glue so the plate is vulnerable to touch until the plate is dry.
So a finger in the previously glued carbonundrum will lift the carbonundrum from the surface.
The dry plate printed well and the carbonundrum

Barbara Rae was in Orkney talking about her carbonundum plates. They were made from Perspex.The carbonundrum was glued with plexstol and the plates took weeks to dry before they were ready for printing.

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